1. What services are provided by Yucatan Vacations Management?
    1. Our Management Agreement is costume fit to each of our clients, however Yucatan Vacations Property Management Services can cover:

      1. Cleaning on a regular basis
      2. Maintaining the property on a day-to-day basis, including small repairs
      3. Overseeing large repairs and preventative maintenance, including project contracting, coordination and supervision
      4. Preparing for hurricanes and repairing/cleaning after
      1. Communicating regularly with owner
      2. Providing monthly and yearly statements  
      3. Paying utility bills and taxes.
      1. Marketing properties to prospective guests
      2. Booking the reservation and sending guest confirmation
      3. Collecting payments from the guests
      4. Setting up property for arrivals of guests
      5. Providing an after-hours emergency number
      6. Cleaning and inspecting property after rental
      7. Following up with former guests to offer them a repeat visit
    5. Basically anything you may need to have your house in perfect shape and ready to use. For more information Contact us or check our website http://www.yucatanvacations.com/property-management/

  2. How do I sign up for Property Management?
  3. We, at Yucatan Vacation seek for long firm relations with our clients so it is important for us to meet our prospective client, their property and their needs. Feel free to email us to make an appointment or review our Property Management Agreement at info@yucatanvacations.com

  4. Is there a Start up fee?
  5. No. You can join our program at any time.

  6. Are there different levels of Property Management?
  7. Yes. We have the Standard Program that includes all the Property Management Services. Now, the Premium Service includes all the Property Management Services and Rental Program. Check out our information at http://www.yucatanvacations.com/property-management/ or feel free to Contact Us.

  8. How much are your Property Management Fees for your Services?
  9. We have different management programs available and we have established fixed rates according to services provided. Please contact us to make an appointment and get a quote.

  10. Will Property Management send regular accounting or reports?
  11. Yes, we keep close communication with our homeowners. We send monthly statements of all home related expenses. And in the case of large repairs or remodeling we will also keep you updated with reports and photos process.

  12. What is the program term?
  13. The Property Management Agreement has an indefinite term and may be terminated by either party at any time for any reason with 60 days advance notice.

  14. Does the Management Service consider home inspection.
  15. Our work proposal is customized to the requests of each owner. We do recommend a home inspection cleaning at least once a month. Our staff will clean the house and inspect exterior and interior overall maintenance (landscaping, doors, windows, lights, etc), general plumbing (checking for leaks or problems in showers, toilets, sinks, faucets and traps), appliances and furniture. 

  16. Does Yucatan Vacations have a Rental Program?
  17. Yes, our rental program is optional and completely flexible. Homeowners can choose to put their house on the rental market for the period they decide to, there is no minimum nights required. The basic idea is to generate extra income during the times when their home is not being used.
    Yucatan Vacations will handle the marketing and administration. We will provide all the services required to make sure our guests have an unforgettable stay and will manage reservations, housekeeping services, and concierge services, check in & out process; etc.

  18. Can I rent my house on my own?
  19. Surely, we can work together on this. Please contact your Yucatan Vacations Manager for more details.

  20. What determines the rent for my property?
  21. In the end, the rental market itself. Upon our visit to the property, we will make a price suggestion considering the location, amenities, conditions of the house and current market conditions. We will advertise the house at the rates authorized by the homeowner. All online information is dynamic so we can adjust as we get a response from the market.