Yucatan Vacations

is one of the finest property management groups on the Yucatan Gulf Coast. We provide our owners unparalleled service and expertise. We take pride in providing each and every one of our owners exactly what they want. Whether you want to be a hands-on owner or if you prefer limited involvement, we will customize a cost-effective proposal that will meet your specific needs and maximize your investment.

With years of experience managing beach properties, we will help you increase the overall value of your investment. As your residential property manager, we will not only relieve you of the day-to-day concerns related to your property, but will also maximize your occupancy levels, minimize your risks, increase your profitability and enhance the overall value of your property. We will efficiently and lovingly manage and care for your property as if it is our very own and we will ensure that it is maintained according to your standards.

Finally, we are fully committed to delivering prompt, efficient service to all of you, our owners. The services currently offered are listed below. Additional property management services can also be provided as needed.

Our property management services can include:


  • - Cleaning on a regular basis
  • - Contracting extermination services on a regular basis
  • - Maintaining the property on a day-to-day basis, including small repairs
  • - Overseeing large repairs and preventative maintenance, including project contracting, coordination and supervision
  • -Preparing for hurricanes and repairing/cleaning after


  • - Communicating regularly with owner
  • - Providing monthly and yearly statements
  • - Communicating with rental agencies and tenants (short or long term)
  • - Paying utility bills and taxes
  • - Managing the occupancy calendar


  • -Marketing properties to prospective guests
  • - Booking the reservation and sending guest confirmation
  • - Notifying guests of policies and operating instructions
  • - Collecting payments from the guests
  • - Setting up property for arrivals of guests
  • - Ensuring pool cleaning and maintenance of grounds
  • - Responding to guests queries during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9 am - 6 pm)
  • - Providing an after-hours emergency number
  • - Cleaning and inspecting property after rental
  • - Following up with former guests to offer them a repeat visit

Customer reviews

We have owned a rental property in the Yucatan for almost six years. We encountered Sylvia and Pamela through their car rental agency. A friend in Mexico referred them to us as an option for long-term car rental. They impressed us immediately with their cheerful, efficient competence. When we discovered they also managed properties, we asked them for a proposal. While we have only known them a short time, we are extremely impressed with their ability and professionalism. Their intuition and communication are excellent, and our house has been getting rave reviews from our tenants since they took charge. Our houseguests have never sounded happier. We highly recommend their services. J. and K. Green

The first time we saw the Progreso area and fell in love with it was purely by chance. We were going to Isla Mujeres with our family (13) for thanksgiving a hurricane hit Cancun and we had to find somewhere else to go. We had flights to Cancun so we drew a line across to the Gulf and found Progreso. We contacted Sylvia and Pamela because they had some rentals. They were wonderful and found a suitable house. We were so happy there that we decided to buy a house We also did that with them. They showed us the house, walked us through all the steps and when we owned the house they became our managers. The first year they had a pool put it so that when we arrived in October it would be all ready. They helped us with kitchen renovation as well as renting it for the summer. We cannot say enough good things about them. Health issues forced us to sell and they did that as well. You can be assured that is you want to rent, want a house manager, want to buy or sell they are the best.
F. Rubinstein. Colorado.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Pamela and Sylvia for almost six years...they helped me find some land and then a builder to put up a house. Speaking very little spanish at the time, they were there for me every step. When I needed house management they were the obvious choice and through the years with countless problems with the house...they have always been professional and just great...I must have been a real pain at times over the years but Pamela and Sylvia always dealt with things with such grace...can’t thank you enough girls. My house is gone now but we have remained in touch and I would wholeheartedly recommend Pamela and Sylvia if you need house management. Jim
J. Drumheller. Calgary, AB

Tuvimos el placer de trabajar con Sylvia y Pamela por un periodo de 7 años durante los cuales se encargaron 100% de nuestra propiedad en la playa de Chicxulub. Sin duda alguna la mejor decisión que hicimos fue contratar sus servicios desde el día uno que adquirimos la propiedad. Su profesionalismo, disponibilidad, conocimientos y honestidad, nos permitieron mantener esta propiedad impecable, segura y la habilidad de rentarla constantemente año tras año tanto a locales como a familias de otros países mientras nosotros vivíamos en el exterior.
J. Blanco. Miami, FL