Renting cars to clients and vacationers is the latest addition to the services provided by Yucatan Vacations.
As an independent car rental company, our strongest asset is that we have the flexibility of offering you the best deal possible.
The price we quote you is the total and final price including complete insurance coverage, unlimited mileage and all taxes. We have no hidden fees or unexpected hidden costs, like airport fees.
Furthermore, we are not bound by corporate policies, like franchise dealers, so we can tailor our services offering you some extras free of charge. Just ask us! We are committed to providing you the best car rental package possible to ensure your repeat business.
Take a moment to shop around and you will soon realize that Yucatan Vacations is your best option. And finally, book early to ensure we have the right car for you.


  1. What is included in the rental rate?
  2. At Yucatan Vacations, the price quote in your confirmation e-mail is your final price.  There are no hidden fees or unexpected add-on costs.
    Our rates include:  all taxes, unlimited mileage, and full insurance coverage with a maximum deductible corresponding to 10% of the commercial value of the car (as determined by the insurance company).

  3. What does the full insurance coverage include?
  4. Our full insurance coverage includes: material damage for the car; theft; liability (personal & goods); medical; legal; and, on the road assistance. In case of an accident, you will only be liable for paying the car damage up to a maximum of 10% of the commercial value of the car.

  5. Are there instances when the insurance would not apply?
  6. The insurance is effective only if the terms of this lease/contract are respected.
    However, if one or more of the following infractions occur, the lease /contract will be considered breached and the insurance will be void:

    • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • Allowing an unauthorized person to drive the vehicle.
    • Leaving the windows, doors or trunk of the car open.
    • Leaving the keys inside the car, when parked.

    Remember also that, as any driver, you are responsible for traffic and/or parking violations, so it is important to drive safely and to follow all directions.

  7. What extras do you offer?
  8. When renting with Yucatan Vacations, you get:

    Locked in rates: The price indicated on your confirmation email is the final price. Rest assured, there will not be additional costs whatsoever.
    Roomy and comfortable cars: We only offer mid-sized sedan vehicles in order to offer a comfortable ride for 5 adult passengers and good storage capacity. All our cars are four doors and come with CD stereo and air conditioned.
    Free pick-up & drop off:  We will deliver the car to you at your chosen destination anywhere in Merida (City), Progreso, Chicxulub or Chelem at no additional charge. Of course, you can also come to our downtown office in Progreso if this is more convenient for you.
    Pick up or drop off at the Merida airport can also be arranged for the small amount of 200 pesos or 20 USD.
    Additional driver: You can add a second registered driver at no extra cost.
    No airport fee:  We do not charge airport fees as our office is located in Progreso.

  9. Do you offer special rate for long-term rental?
  10. Yes we do. The longer the rental period is the better rate we can offer you.
  11. Is there a security deposit and if so, how much is it?
  12. Upon rental, an amount equal to 10% of the market value of the car as determined by the insurance company  is secured (not charged) on your credit card.
    Upon safe return of the car, the funds are released.
  13. What are the accepted methods of payment?
  14. You can pay in US or Mexican cash or with a Visa or MasterCard.
  15. How old do you have to be to rent a car?
  16. You must be at least 21 years old.
  17. What do we do if the car is damaged, stolen or in the event of an accident?
  18. We recommend that you call our office immediately and we will help you through the process.
    If it is after hours, please contact the insurance company directly. The phone number for the insurance company and the policy number are included in your rental agreement package.
  19. Do you have GPS navigation systems and child seats for rent?
  20. Yes we do. The rental rate for these items is 5 USD per day for each.
    We encourage you to reserve these in advance as we have a limited number of them.
  21. Is there public transportation on the coastal area?
  22. Yes, there are buses and “combis” covering the area. The frequency and rates for these services varies depending on the distance travelled.
    However, having a car will make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.  It will also allow you to visit the numerous and interesting sites and attractions of the Yucatan.
    Approximate driving distances in kilometers from Progreso to:

    On the coast:

    Chelem: 10
    Chicxulub: 8
    Chuburná: 16
    San Benito: 21
    San Bruno: 28
    Telchac: 43
    Uaymitun: 15

    Popular sites:

    Cancun: 348
    Campeche: 189
    Chichen Itzá: 150
    Izamal: 99
    Mérida: 35
    Uxmal: 108
    Valladolid: 189