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The lovely waters and beautiful landscapes of Yucatan create a land of adventure, romance, and natural coexistence. The wild rainforest is home to a great diversity of species of wildlife and ancient Mayan ruins within its depths. The impressive under water river system of Cenotes just a few miles inland is unique and provides some of the best environments for underwater exploration that can be experienced even if you are not a pro diver (extreme discretion is advised).

Taking full advantage of the adventure potential of this idyllic destination, Yucatan Vacations incorporates the comfort of exceptional accommodations into beauty of its natural surroundings of Progreso, Chicxulub, Yucalpeten, San Benito, San Bruno, Uaymitun and a 3 hour drive to Cancun. Our accommodations have a great diversity of comfort in mind, providing a relaxing and cool environment to return to after a day of adventure. Our spacious houses features from two to up to six rooms. The majority provide huge balconies overlooking the pool and beach and spacious verandas, just steps away from the beach.

Dining in Yucatan is amazing, enjoying food during the sunset overlooking the beautiful, blue Gulf Sea is a must-live experience.

The Gulf Sea is at your doorstep meaning fishing and sailboats, kayaks and other water vehicles are totally at your disposal with several providers. We truly present an adventure traveler’s dream if that is your vision. Many adventure tours are available at a single phone call giving you a firsthand experience of the natural wonders of the underground Cenotes, jungles and ancient Mayan ruins of this exotic land. Although if you want a quiet retreat we bring to you our best tips for a relaxing time. We can also aid you with real estate investment opportunities in Yucatán.

The nearest international airports land at Merida International Airport (MID) which is a 35 minute drive or Cancun International Airport (CUN) which is 3 and a half hour drive away. Major airlines land on a day to day basis at MID like United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, US Airways, Air Canada, Air Europa, American Airlines and British Airways.


Yucatan Vacation Rentals in Mexico

Mexico provides such a good vacation destination. A visitor in this country has many places at his or her disposal to visit. There are many sites, sceneries, landscapes and architectural and natural attractions for one to sample when visiting Mexico. However, a visit to this country is not complete without sampling what Yucatan can offer. Yucatan vacations are usually accompanied by the highest levels of enjoyment, learning and perfect opportunities to experience natural and human made sceneries. The visitor is usually given a perfect chance to experience a lot on a first-hand experience while having all the reasons and materials to write home.

While taking Yucatan vacations, it will all depend on your taste and what you really want to do while you are there. There are countless areas of interest with different attractions and different experiences. A lover of history will find it irresistible to visit the cities of Valladolid, Merida and Tizimin. These particular cities have streets and other architectural building designs that take the historical eye back to those days of colonialism in the country. The attractive beaches of Celestun, Puerto Progreso and Telchac are so enticing and appealing such that anyone who loves sand and sun cannot afford to miss the golden chance to bask and bathe. For those ones that have an eye towards ancient civilizations and archaeology, then they cannot fail to go straight to Uxmal, Mayapan and Chchen Itza. Yucatan vacations are anything but short of diversity and multiplicity of touristic experiences, sites, attractions and leisure.

There are therefore bounties of activities, multiplicity of sceneries and features that one is sure to experience in this State. Among the most famous attractions that one can enjoy on Yucatan vacations include the following;

  • Colonial Haciendas: these ones were built near transportation and trade courses and routes during the Spanish colonial era. When on Yucatan vacations, most visitors find it difficult not to visit these haciendas and have a chance to connect with the historical meanings and processes associated with them. Visitors participate in ecological activities in these popular haciendas mostly found in Merida and San Antonio.
  • Yucatan caves and caverns: there are numerous caves and caverns all over Yucatan. These are attractive stone and rock formations that are associated with the Mayan cultural and religious beliefs. These formations are of diverse shapes, sizes and designs with such magnificence that is only witnessed in Yucatan. Balankanche, Loltun, Calcehtok, San Ignacio and Tzabna are the most popular of these caves and caverns. However, due to their complexity and magnificence, tour guides are always on the look out to take you round the features in a safe, enjoyable and comfortable manner.
  • Cenotes: these are natural underground rivers that are only found in two other places in the world-Florida and Islands of Cuba. These amazing water basins have been used as a source of fresh water for thousands of years in Yucatan. Yucatan vacations without a taste of this amazing natural delicacy is incomplete and regretful. The locals have used this water for rituals, irrigation, drinking and other purposes. There is a belief that these cenotes were used also by underworld beings. Swimming in one is an experience that sends you to an imaginary world.
  • Ruta Puuc: these are excellent and amazingly built cities that were inhabited by traditional Indian civilizations. There are also other numerous city ruins and debris that a Yucatan vacations can offer. Throughout the area, many architectural wonders are seen and are reminiscent of traditional civilizations many of them dating back between 600 and 900 AD. One of the most visible among these is the site of Xlapak, a place building that offers such a scene as found nowhere else. In these areas too, you can find forms of pyramids with their cultural artifacts that includes masks of the Mayan rain god.
  • Chichen Itza: Yucantan vacations without a visit to the heart of the peninsula is considered less fulfilling. Millions of visitors from around the world throng to experience this archaeological site that has lately been included in the new Seven Wonders of the World. The site houses the pyramid of Kukulcan, observatory and the Temle of One Thousand Columns. Those who wish to share this rich Mayan heritage have always found irresistible to have a first-hand experience.
  • Dzibilchaltun: this is a very extraordinary site despite its small size. Situated North of Merida city, the attraction happens at the temple of Seven Dolls. During sunrise, the sun shines through one window of the temple and out through the other. This creates a unique impression and shadow on the west wall of the temple. When on Yucatan vacations, a chance to be there when this is happening is always memorable and exciting. There is also a museum that displays the ancient artifacts associated with this temple. To sum up this, there is a cenote where you can enjoy a swim in the sun.
  • Wildlife Reserves: in its quest to conserve flora and fauna, Yucatan has numerous natural conservation reserves. For those who like exploration, adventure and communing with nature, there is no other perfect way than to live wildly with other flora and fauna in these exciting reserves. Here you can become a fisherman, a bicycle rider, a kayak adventurer or even a traditional food taster. Majority of those who enjoy Yucatan Vacations in these ways come back with beautiful tunes as taught by the amazing collection of different varieties of singing birds.
  • Celestun: in this Yucatan harbor, you can enjoy the mangroves and see the nesting grounds of thousands of flamingoes. There is nothing as exciting as a walk through the natural habitations of different flora and fauna.
  • City tours: there are many cities that offer pleasurable and enjoyable experiences.

Mexico Vacations and in particular Yucatan vacations offer the most exciting opportunities for any person wishing to have a dream travel experience. With the right travel agency and vacations seller, one can easily get an offer and an affordable way of experiencing these Yucatan wonders and glories. There are many agencies that can do this in Mexico however, you should be on the look-out so as to get the best in the market, value for your money and most importantly Yucatan vacations that will be enjoyable and memorable.

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A Beautiful Vacation in a Perfect Setting

Where to go for a vacation?

Have you found yourself wondering where you can find the perfect spot for a vacation? Somewhere unspoiled, new, interesting, and unique. Let me introduce you to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Located between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, this place could not be more picturesque if it tried. One can easily see the Mayan influence that is heavy in the region that was once their home in a bygone era. There are so many wonderful sights to see and experiences to have that are guaranteed not just to fulfill your desire for rest and relaxation but also change you as a person.

How can I best experience the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico?

Before we address all of the wonderful things that you could do at this magical place, let’s deal with the issue of accommodation. If you are still thinking of using hotels and motels then you are shortchanging yourself with this archaic method. There are better ways to have real and in depth experience of a place. What are we talking about? Yucatan vacation rentals of course.
A vacation rental is really the only way to experience a new culture. Rather than walling yourself off in the cold commercial accommodation that blots the tourist sector, immerse yourself in a new culture and experience it in all possible dimensions. There are companies that will help you do this successfully so long as you choose right.
The people who inhabit the Yucatan peninsula are modern descendants of the ancient Mayans. They have preserved their culture and way of life throughout the ages and are quite the experience. They live in walled family compounds that are conglomerated into villages. Each of these villages has a piazza or what is more commonly called a public square.
You can rent a holiday cottage to enable you to stay near these beautiful people and soak in their exotic culture and way of life. If you need it you can also rent a car to take you out and show you the wonderful sights of this area. While walking might allow you to experience the Yucatan much more clearly, it is a large region and there are many things to see.

Yucatan Vacation Rentals

How can a Yucatan vacation rental make my holiday better?

The best way to answer this question is to combine an explanation of the things that you can do in this area with how a vacation rental betters the overall experience. Here are the wonderful sights and events that you need to enjoy when you go there.

Mayan culture

The only way to get truly close to the Mayan people is to spend some time living near them, and the best way to do that is through a Yucatan vacation rental. You can then experience the Mayan way of life up close. These people live in compounds that are surrounded by a dry wall stone. Inside the compound there are a number of oblong shaped cottages that are thatched with palm tree leaves. Several generations of the same family will live together and you can watch them prepare the handicrafts with quite extraordinary skill.
The Mayan villagers are extremely kind to visitors and will embrace you openly and show you their way of life and traditions. For example, if you spend some time with the villagers you will learn that certain meals are only served on certain days. An example of this Frijol con Puerco which is only eaten on Mondays. Furthermore, you might also learn that the Mayans are dog lovers. They keep dogs for protection and to help hunt for deer which they eat.

Archeological sites and cultural heritage

From the comfort of your holiday rental it is possible to visit the Mayan archeological sites. These ruins provide a spectacular view into one of the most prolific and advanced civilizations of days now gone by. There are a number of sites that are worth paying a visit.
Chichen Itza – this used to be prestigious center of military, religious and political matters. You must make a point of visiting the Castle especially on the equinox. The ancient Mayans used their ingenuity in manipulating lights and shadows to create a serpent that is only visible on the equinox. This was their way of paying homage to their god, Kukulcan, the plumed serpent.
Tulum – this is one of the most advanced cities of back in the day. It is a walled city that served to house the Mayan nobles who ruled over the area. A notable must see site is the Temple of Frescoes. As the name suggests, this is a building that is covered in original Mayan frescoes that date back to 1200 AD. The frescoes are outlined in black and painted with blue and green colors. The quality of this art is beyond description.
Nohoch Muul – this is the tallest Mayan pyramid in the Yucatan area. It is also quite old as archeologists believe it was built somewhere between 100 and 200 AD. It stands at a whopping one hundred and thirty feet tall and it takes one hundred and twenty steps to get to the top. This makes it the second tallest Mayan pyramid in the world. From the top of the pyramid the view of the Yucatan peninsula and the surrounding jungle lands is quite stunning.

Image credit: Wikimedia

Image credit: Wikimedia

Beautiful beaches

The beauty of the Yucatan can also be experienced from the beaches that have been shaped by the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean. There are Yucatan holiday rentals that are quite close to these beaches to make access as easy as possible. Each beach has its own selling point; some like Half moon Bay are best known for snorkeling while the beach at Tulum offers a peak into ancient history.

Yucatan Vacation Rentals

A word of advice

One of the best reasons to go for a Yucatan vacation rental is that you have more control and flexibility on the accommodation. The companies that provide these rentals do not offer a generic and overly commercialized service. Vacation rentals are personal and they are customizable to suit your specific needs. This is the best value for time and money.